An adventure to understand the mind.
To understand the mind is to understand life. Why wouldn't you understand that weird thing at the top of your head?
Wij helpen jou bij het vinden van een coach
With hey mind you can save notes to learn more about your own mind.
Review your input & evaluate what it means to find better questions.
Question leads to new insights, which helps you better understand the mind.
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Hey Mind
De mind en jezelf beter begrijpen om meer uit het leven te halen
The mind is the place where everything happens
De mind en jezelf beter begrijpen om meer uit het leven te halen
Is there something in life that you do without the mind? The mind takes you everywhere.

Each conflict in life is a conflict with the mind. If you want to achieve something, it's possible thanks to your mind.

Unfortunately, thanks to all the self-help and spiritual nonsense, we need a disclaimer that this has nothing to do with that. Don't follow this project if you are looking for how-tos, advice, and five steps plans.

This project is about understanding. Work for the kind of mind you desire.
We are currently in private beta developing our first product. In early 2022 we will launch our iOS app.

Then, our goal is to build a community, improve the app and launch more tools to understand the mind better.
A community
In 2021 we are building an iOS app for the mind with a small team.

We think the mind is fascinating, and we realized that we don't know enough about this thing. To have more impact, our goal is to create a community open for everyone.
The goal of the community is to design multiple products for the mind in different stages of our life.

Excited to join? Let us know!
Help building tools for the mind
“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge
into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
Alan Watts